You! Be Informed! #0058 – Redesign of the Nutrition Label

by . March 6th, 2014

In 1994, Burkey Belser unveiled the Nutrition Label. Now, what is known as the most reproduced graphic in the world, is getting an update. The Food and Drug Administration have a few proposals about the changes they intend to make. This leads as an example of designing to solve problems.

America suffers a 30% obesity rate in their adults. Although, a fair number move to be more health conscious – there’s still an over-all lack of drive to eat healthier and be healthier. The new design is a little more attune with consumers, focusing more on the information they need to know – rather than just numbers. It’s an interesting example of how designs must evolve alongside the needs of a society.

Here are the new label proposals:



Attacking the new design from a complete designer’s perspective, here are some of things we noticed. For the new proposals, there’s a stronger typographic focus. The text elements are arranged with a clear sense of visual hierarchy. The number for calories is emphasized. Proposal 2 is designed with ‘humans’ in mind. And it looks a lot clearer.

To read up more on this you can check out CNN’s coverage or The Washington Post’s Article. 

So readers, what do you think of the new labels? If you had a shot at changing it up, what would you do? If you want to keep in the know with all the latest design news, you can follow us. Also, check out our article: Reebok Unveils new Delta Symbol – where we covered Reebok’s new brand and identity.