You! Be Inspired! — Classic Book Covers Redesigned

by . September 6th, 2012

Never ever judge a book by its cover (literally and figuratively) as my folks used to say to me, but as a designer face value is one of the most important factors that I consider when buying a new book let alone the price.  As a graphic designer and a lifetime slave of books I had my fair share of buying a beautiful book just for the cover and later regret my decision because the inside is quite disappointing.

Good thing is that the big publishers of classic books decided to redesign the look of the books. Other than the reason to reinvent the classics but also to introduce them to young readers.

Jacket Art: Jessica Hische.


Jacket Art:  Jillian Tamaki


Jacket Art: Coralie Bickford-Smith


 Jacket Art: Ben Templesmith

Jacket Art: Ruben Toledo

Jacket Art: Travis Louie

Jacket Art: Gonzalo M.M.


What do you guys think? Does the redesigned book covers give justice to the classic literary masterpieces? Do tell us at the comments section below. Follow us on  Facebook, Twitter and Google+ and don’t forget to subscribe to get the daily dose of all things graphic design.