iOS 7 Gets Redesigned

by . June 14th, 2013

Apple just recently unveiled their latest operating system for mobile devices, iOS 7. It features a more minimalistic and flat look, throwing away the skeuomorphic design of the previous versions with new color palette, typography and new features.  It is the “most significant iOS update since the original iPhone” said Craig Federighi, Apple’s Senior Vice President of Software Engineering.


iOS 7


While most are excited and thrilled about the new OS which will be available this fall, the design especially the look and feel of the new set of icons received mixed reviews mostly from designers. The use of gradients combined with minimalist style on the icons making it brighter, flatter and pastel-like is the most notable change that the design world has been conflicting about. A tumblr blog was even made for fun, showcasing this aesthetic of Jony Ive, Apple’s Senior Vice President of Industrial Design and what it would look like when applied to various things.

With the conflicting thoughts about the iOS 7 design, some designers have done some experiments and created their own take on what the iOS 7 design should look like. One designer who took the challenge is Dmitry Kovalenko. The Ukraine-based designer redesigned the home screen with more emphasis on changing the icons’ graphics and colors. One notable addition is the use of shadows on each graphic for the icons that create depth and unique look. Check out his redesigned iOS 7 GUI below:


 iOS7 Homescreen UI Redesign by Dmitry Kovalenko

iOS7 Homescreen UI Redesign by Dmitry Kovalenko

iOS 7 Homescreen Redesign by Dmitry Kovalenko


Designer student from Paris, Leo Drapeau also took the challenge of redesigning the new iOS. His goal was to make the design more detailed, cleaner and more coordinated using the same design direction and the overall look of the new iOS. The result, a better home screen UI design well applauded by fellow designers.


 iOS 7 Redesign by Leo Drapeau

iOS 7 Redesign by Leo Drapeau


iOS 7 Redesign by Leo Drapeau


Which of the two redesigns you think would look better for the new iOS? 

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