You! Be Inspired! – Timeless Comic Book Covers by Joe Kubert

by . August 24th, 2012

Comics has been one of the most influential mediums that can be traced back in history where movies and TV were not as popular as today.  And as kids, we definitely have a fun experience in getting hooked with a favorite comic book character. And with the current trends, pop culture, lifestyle and films are still influenced by many successful comic book artworks, heroic characters, and superb stories.

Just recently, the comics industry lost one of its influential creators and greatest teachers. Joe Kubert died last August 12 due to multiple myeloma, a type of cell cancer – just a month before his 86th birthday. He was a comic book titan whose works stretched out in the Golden Age of  comics and graphic novel industry tracing back to years before Worl War II.

Joe Kubert and his wife founded The Kubert School, an academy for emerging comic artists and illustrators. Photo of him taken at the academy last 2009 via The New York Times.

He was more than just a comic book artist as his career goes beyond as a writer, penciller, inker, letterer, colorist, editor and cover artist. He is mostly associated with works with DC Comics which came the birth of Hawkman – a winged crime fighter, Tor – a prehistoric hero, and timeless interpretations of Tarzan. Other popular creations include Sgt. Rock, Son of Sinbad and The Viking Prince.

He worked for some projects with other publishing houses like  Harvey Comics, St. John Publications,  Eclipse Comics,  Lev Gleason PublicationsAtlas Comics and more. He also worked with some projects for Marvel Comics where he gave personal touches to some popular characters like Spider-man, The Punisher, Wolverine and Captain America.

And today we pay tribute to Joe’s awesomeness by showcasing some of his timeless and remarkable comic book covers. Some were done solely by him and some were in collaboration with other amazing artists.


Action Comics (1938) – Annual 10 


Superman (1939) – #216
“The Soldier Of Steel!”


Son of Sinbad (1950) – #1


House of Mystery (1951) – #299


Our Army at War (1952) – #125
“Hold – – At All Costs!”


The Brave and the Bold (1955) – #34
“The Creature of a Thousand Shapes!”


Blackhawk (1957) – #244
“Death’s Right Hand”


Challengers of the Unknown (1958) – #66
“Rendezvous With Revenge!”


Justice League of America (1960) – #72
“13 Days to Doom!”


Secret Origins (1961) – One-shot


The Amazing Spider-Man (1963) – #691
“No Turning Back Part 4: Human Error” (Kubert Variant)


The Atom and Hawkman (1968) – #40
“The Explosive Exploit of the Split-Atom!”


Tarzan (1972) – #207
“Origin Of The Ape-Man”


Kobra (1976) – #4
“Brother’s Keeper — Brother’s Killer”


Sgt. Rock (1977) – #306
“The Last Soldier”


Batman: Legends of the Dark Knight (1989) – #51


Ghost Rider (1990) – #28
“Rise of the Midnight Sons, Part 1: Visions”


The Punisher War Zone (1992) – #31
“River Of Blood, part 1: Scorched Earth”


TOR by Joe Kubert (2001) – HC vol. 01


Batman: Turning Points (2001) – #3


Tex – The Lonesome Rider (2005) – TPB
“The Lonesome Rider”


The Sandman: The Dream Hunters (2009) – #4
(Joe Kubert cover)


Wolverine: Weapon X (2009) – #6
“Insane in the Brain, Part 1 of 5” (Joe Kubert variant)


Captain America: Reborn (2009) – #4
(Kubert Cover)


The Viking Prince (2010) – HC
“The Viking Prince” 


DC Comics Presents: The Flash (2011) – #1


Winter Soldier (2012) – #1
(Joe Kubert Variant)


Before Watchmen: Nite Owl (2012) – #2

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