You! Be Reminded! A Week In Graphic Design and More

by . April 13th, 2014

Good day everyone! In case you’ve been busy with your everyday lives, we’ll let you catch up with various articles pertaining to different fields of design we’ve featured. In You! Be Reminded!, allow us to freshen up your minds with articles we’ve published the past week such as: some spectacular animated logos; awesome identity design based on one of the most watched TV series today; essential apps for web designers; an article about where architecture meets graphics; a list of common graphic design mistakes; a feature about a beautiful deck of playing cards; and some stunning mixed media artworks.

Logos in Motion by Ion Lucin


Featured in this article are some spectacular animated logo designs created by Ion Lucin on his “Logo Vol 01” project. It is a series of logos created using Maxon Cinema 4D and Adobe After Effects. With their minimal yet complicated designs, these logos will definitely entertain and inspire your creative minds.

Awesome Identity Design of ‘Game of Thrones’ Houses as Modern Day Businesses


Get some creative goodness with this branding and identity design featuring your favorite GoT houses. Israel-based graphic designer and illustrator Mordi Levi created “Game of Firms“, his take was to create a branding for each of the GoT houses as present day companies complete with corporate and advertising materials.

15 Web Apps for Web Designers


Here’s a few web apps that will really show case the power of the browser and will hopefully try to help you in your workflows.

Environmental Graphic Design: Architecture meets Graphics


Have you encountered the term Environmental Graphic Design? Does it mean using nature or environment in creating designs? If you’re someone who’ve been to a site within a built environment (e.g. museum, zoo, retail store, hospital, corporation), then probably you have stumbled upon EGD.

Graphic Design Sins


Through banners, we outlined some of these common graphic design sins in this feature. You! Be warned! The following images may cause severe headache.

The Essentials of Graphic Design in a Beautiful Deck of Playing Cards


Canadian designer, Ben Barrett-Forrest will be producing a design-friendly deck of playing cards, infusing the essentials of graphic design.

You! Be Inspired! – Stunning Mixed Media Artworks in a Moleskine Sketchbook


While most artists use sketchbooks  for random doodles, scribbles and notes, DeviantART user Kate-FoX took Moleskine sketchbook art to a whole new level.

Ambient Video Backgrounds: Tantalizing New Trend, or Obnoxious UX-Detractor?


What do you think of ambient backgrounds? Is there a place for this trend in modern design? Or are the usability issues insurmountable?

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