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I’m Really Happy for You and I’mma Let You Finish, But…

by . November 21st, 2014

Here’s a short post.


When you come up with a new idea, especially when it fills the notches of what’s missing in your life, or maybe it’s so profound but easy to do, it makes you really excited. You start thinking “Wow. This is so great. And if I do this, it’ll get even greater!” You fall in love with it, so it’s gotta be perfect. It fills your mind, and you soon forget the other stuff you’re actually supposed to do.

And it happens. A lot. We’re creative creatures still tied to our childlike whimsy and imagination. We want to do something cool! However, this spritely enthusiasm doesn’t really show the true measure of an idea. What you might want now, could just be a 5-second fad. Something that only applies to a small set of people like you for a really short amount of time. And those spurs of the moment don’t really justify forgetting everything else. If you chased every single idea you came up with, you’d be really inefficient and running around in circle.

Now I’m not saying you shouldn’t get excited over stuff you come up with. It’s great to be excited! Passion fuels us unlike any other force! And you’re excited over something YOU came up with. That’s amazing! But don’t just jump down that bridge. Think about it for a few days and make sure that that bridge is over the best damn lake you could ever swim in.

Cheers to your awesome ideas and hope to that they’re really good!