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Top 5 Entrepreneur Fears

by . October 13th, 2014

As an archetype, entrepreneurs are known to fearlessly go against society’s flow to improve a certain aspect of life for a fee. However, we’re not really that fearless. Even the biggest names in business worry from time to time, but they know that it’s these worries that make them strong and to never show these fears to those that look to them for strength.

Here are the top 5 fears of entrepreneurs that you should get rid of.

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1.) The fear of promoting an idea

A lot of people are afraid to promote a product before it exists. This is because they’re afraid that they might not deliver as expected. If you have this, get rid of it. Get people excited for your future product. Having a fanbase at the preproduction phase helps you know what people are looking for while you don’t have anything yet.

2.) The fear of crowds

Worse than the last fear, this one is a fear of promoting in general. The fear that they might say something wrong, or someone might take something as offensive. As an entrepreneur, you need to believe in yourself, because nobody else will if you don’t. An entrepreneur that doesn’t know their way is a dead one.

3.) The fear of not being enough

In order to have a business rolling, you need a bunch of things. Experience, connections, etc. However a mistake that a lot of entrepreneurs do is thinking that they need all of this before the business starts. This is totally not the case. As your business grows, your knowledge and wisdom on the field will increase exponentially. Go out there, get some scars, and grow into the entrepreneur you deserve to be.

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4.) The fear of the lack of money

Just like number 3, a lot of people feel they need millions of dollars of capital to get things rolling. A lot of business in fact start with nothing. Remember that your product does not have to start as a world-changing diamond. It could build up to that. But for now, determine what is minimum and viable, then what you’re comfortable with. Before there were butterflies, there were caterpillars.

5.) The fear of imperfection

The biggest fear of all is the fear of imperfection. That you’re just not fit to be an entrepreneur. That you’re second rate. I’m here to tell you that yes, you are imperfect. There will always be a better. Everyone has a better. But that’s ok. We learn to live with our flaws and turn them into our strengths.

Now go out there and show them what you’ve got.