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Entrepreneurship: When Is It Too Late To Start?

by . June 30th, 2014

We look around and more and more young people are becoming successful in more and more fields. Sometimes, they can be a lot younger than you, and you might have a child, or a sibling’s child that’s just as young as them. Sure, we’ve always seen child actors and child singers make it big, but we’re now seeing people below 20 start on business and sometimes make it big.

Fraser Doherty started SuperJam when he was 14 and hit $1.2 million by 2009. 17-year old Nick D’Alonso sold a smartphone app to Yahoo for $30 million. John Koon began raking in millions by the age of 16 through entrepreneurship and sponsored MTV’s Pimp My Ride.

Looking at these people can sometimes be depressing. We are now more than ever faced with the question “Why didn’t I start sooner?” However, is the question really that valid? Is there an age ceiling for becoming successful in life? Are we old dogs that can’t learn the new tricks of financial success?

Here’s an infographic by that tackles on age and other fears of aspiring entrepreneurs.

However, to our younger readers, don’t take this as a sign telling you to postpone your becoming an entrepreneur. If you feel the fire in you, then the best time to start is now while you have more space for failure.

Bonus: A video of elders reacting to million dollar smartphone hit, Flappy Bird.

Have you started your own business yet? When and at what age did you begin the entrepreneurial route? Leave comments below.

photo credits: yourdon via photopin cc