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Female Entrepreneurs and Their Impact on the Business World Today

by . July 2nd, 2014

Despite all the amazing advances in gender equality today, we cannot ignore the differences between men and women. Gender roles continue to blur out in all aspects of life, but most of us still do things differently and act on things differently. And there are many reasons to this: society, culture, physical differences, among other things.

But what does this mean in entrepreneurship?

A 2009 SBA shows that even though men begin with more business experience and higher expectations, female entrepreneurs are more likely to have positive revenue, due to the preference of low risk/return businesses. Men are more likely to enter technologically intensive fields, while women-owned businesses are more geographically localized and hold on to their competitive advantage longer.

Here’s an interesting infographic filled with other fun factoids by CreditDonkey about the impact of women in entrepreneurship today.

photo credits: gscsnj via photopin cc