Behavioral Science

A New Look on Feedback (You’re Doing It Wrong)

by . October 13th, 2014

Everyone knows feedback is important.

It helps us understand our strengths and shortcomings and allows us to solidify our track.

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However, when thinking of feedback, people tend to only think of outside results for the ignorance of the other side of feedback: how everything makes you feel.

Everywhere we go, numbers and names guide the very thread of our world. It’s funny because most of us have probably said in a math class “Why are we learning this? I won’t be using this in the future.” And it’s very tempting to be guided solely by these numbers. They’re measurable and somewhat accurate.

However, when banking on these numbers alone, despite the successes we may get, we could end up feeling depressed and empty. This is because of two reasons: it’s just not “us,” and there will always be a higher number.

Remember to always stop and think of who you are and why you started this company. What made you so passionate from the start? Bring that back. Become yourself. Become human. Don’t become some computer that works only on specific outcomes without self-empathy or sentience.

Also remember that everything is feedback.

Everything that will happen is an effect of everything that did happen. If something seems wrong, find out what and why to the littlest detail and use that knowledge to help you in the future. If someone walks into your store with a smile on their face, take it with pride and find out why. If it seems to have nothing to do with you, make it about you. A good business is not seen as a thing a customer can just turn on and off. It’s seen as part of their lives. Understand that.

Just the same, the feedback of your company reflects on your life, just as vice versa. The business is a part of you. Are you successful? Are you fulfilled? Are you happy? Or are there certain parts of your life that you need to fix?

Lastly, a common problem with business owners is that we tend to wash everything with happy, colorful thoughts and blind ourselves to the grey reality of our weaknesses. By doing so, we lie to ourselves and everyone else, and the business crumbles. Shut off your ego and heal where it hurts, don’t just solve it with pain-killers and ointment.