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Ever Wondered What Seniors Do on the Internet? Check Out This Great Infographic

by . June 1st, 2014

Crap. Grandma added me on Facebook.

When thinking of SEO and social media marketing, we tend to forget those over 65 because tendency is to believe that they don’t use the internet. However this great infographic by shows us that we shouldn’t forget them and that they have a significant impact on the cyberspace.


What can we derive from this information?

According to the AoA, or the Administration on Aging, back at 2009, the percentage of people older 65+ was 12.9%, but is expected to reach 19% by 2030. Given that and the data in this infographic, we’re looking at roughly 2% of the population on Twitter, and 6% on Facebook. If those numbers don’t look huge to you, Check the infographic again and see that this equates to 27.4 million people. Probably more now, since this data was collected two years ago.

photo credits: magaliec1978 via photopin cc