Behavioral Science

Spending Hours and Investing Time [Infographic]

by . August 19th, 2014

It’s not that you don’t have time. You just find other things more important.

A lot of times, wannabe entrepreneurs working at 9-5 jobs procrastinate the hell out of their startups. And a common excuse is that they don’t have time. But the thing is they do. You do. Everyone does. But you end up spending that time for something you find more important, whether it’s time with the family, or levelling up at that video game, or catching a few episodes of Game of Thrones.

Inspired by a Reddit post by /u/hillsfar, I’ve decided to make a simple infographic to show you how many hours you still have in a week. Note that I use different hours than Hillsfar, just because my calculations make more sense to me. It could be different for you.

The usual working person has around 41 hours to do what he or she wants. However this disappears quite quickly due to things like social networking, TV show binging, and mindlessly walking around to procrastinate. And sometimes, people make time for entertainment by reducing sleep hours and postponing errands. Who’s to say that this made time can’t be spent on your next big idea?

However, don’t be so down due to this friendly reminder. Don’t just go out and schedule a monotonous life like a McDonalds service pipeline. Have some adventure, and enjoy yourself while you’re still young. Live life and Carpe Diem.