Behavioral Science

Stop Saying ASAP All the Time!

by . November 22nd, 2014

It’s really really annoying, and not needed at all. At least the way you’re using it. And we get it. But all the projects would be better off if done right away.

What you’re doing is killing value. Not only to the “ASAP” projects you give, but to everything else. Ever watched The Incredibles? That Disney Pixar movie about the superhero family? The most memorable line in that entire movie is this:

“When evereyone’s super, no one will be.”

Catch my drift? You only deprioritize when you’re stuck in a corner, and that’s a bad habit.

And what’s worse is everyone forgets the stuff that isn’t “ASAP.” Things that aren’t as high priority but are integral for the business to move on. So then for those things to be done, we heighten their priority and then nobody knows what to do next. It spreads like a plague. And then everyone panics.

And that’s just plain stupid. None of those 50 things are high priority and your world won’t fall under an undead army if you don’t do them now. Nobody’s going to die or get fired or go bankrupt, but you make it seem like everyone will. You’re creating negative hype over tiny things and that’s doing nothing but stressing everyone out.

So the next time you think of slapping on that expedited sticker, think! Do you really need it now, or are you ok to wait for it next week, so that other stuff can be done meanwhile? If so, take a chill pill and sit down.