Behavioral Science

Why Short Term Goals Trump Long Term

by . October 27th, 2014


A lot of people, entrepreneurs and employees alike, are extremely addicted to their long term goals.

And despite planning being a nice exercise, it’s a lot of guesswork and waste of time. Think about it. Do you really know enough of next year to act upon it? Things that effect economy such as wars? They’re really common now. How about new technology or competitors?

When plans become wishful thinking, it relieves a lot of stress from thinking that you have to stay within the inflexible path you’ve laid for yourself. A path that that you chose just because it sounded nice.

But you know what plans are? They’re actions for the future based on the past. By the time you’re supposed to execute them, they’re ancient and outdated. They sense of dedication towards long term plans can also destroy the morale to make much needed decisions based on today.

In essence, long term plans are made at the worst time to plan.

Now, like I said, this doesn’t mean it’s wrong to think of the future at all. It teaches you initiative, competitiveness, and strategy. But you shouldn’t feel the need to chisel it on stone tablets. Plus, how much of those papers or digital documents you store do you actually act out? And how much of those are just wasting trees and growing homes for spiders?

The now is more important by far. Plan for the now. Or just wing it. Don’t be afraid and just go and do. Think of the details when you get there. It’s frightening, but losing reality is a lot worse.