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3 Social Media Tools to Change Your Day

by . September 30th, 2014

Another good video by Chris Ducker, this one’s about social media.

In this short 3 minute video, Chris goes over to Cleveland to interview his friend Ian Cleary of Razor Social and asks him about the three social media tools that he can’t live with out. Ian listed: SEMRush, Feedly, and Quill Engage.

1. SEMRush

This handy online tool does keyword searches on your competitors. Knowing which words make their blogs ting can help you rub off of their traffic, and draft that slipstream. They’ve got tons of data that can be yours for $70 a month. It does seem pricey compared to a lot other out there, but SEMRush will definitely help.

2. Feedly

Feedly is an online reader that collects the feeds of blogs you care about. Not only does this make reading more organized, but it helps you find certain sites and even articles that you’re looking for in a jiffy. It’s available for both desktop and mobile and will save you lots of time and energy.

3. Quill Engage

This one I find really interesting. What Quill Engage does is it gets your analytic data and translate it in a way that anyone can understand. If you’re tired of looking at your complex data of bars and graphs and trying to translate that to as layman’s as possible, This might just be the service for you. I just shared it to some others here at the office, and we feel very very impressed. There’s even a free version if you want to try that one out.

And that’s it. 3 helpful tools to get your social media game on.

photo credit: Nalejandro