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39 Engaging Examples of About Us Pages – And Why They Matter

by . July 21st, 2015

About Us pages are often one of the most ignored parts of any site.

But people who know nothing about you will often look for your About Us page.

And if it doesn’t make a statement about your brand and what it stands for, you may have already lost a convert.

We recently published a post on how to quickly launch a website so it has the right foundations for success.  We had to cut out a lot of stuff that wasn’t strictly necessary, but we have to confess we’re still thinking of updating it to include “About Us” pages.

These pages aren’t just there to stick pointless fluff in. They’re often a first point of contact for customers, suppliers, and possibly investors. Depending on what you need the most, you need to be able to make your About Us page engaging enough to work towards it.

We’ve compiled a few interesting About Us pages that we feel really make a statement about the brand in the way the creators probably wanted it.

Click on the images to visit each page.

1.) Chappy Barry


This animator shows you exactly what they can do off the bat, making the rest of his excellent portfolio almost superfluous.

2.) Adidas


Few companies can claim to have as much history as Adidas. They however, choose to mostly talk about the future.

3.) Behringer


Behringer’s About Us page was written by it’s founder Uli Behringer, an engineering wunderkind and pioneer of offshore manufacturing and one of the reasons decent music gear is cheaper and better quality than ever. At least comparatively. Believe me, this very personal About Us page is written almost exactly like he talks.

4.) Fender


Fender, the company that gave us the first mass-produced electric guitar, and first fretted electric bass taps heavily into its mythos to appeal to a market that constantly looks to the past for inspiration. Looks like it pays off.

5.) Buzzfeed


It’s exactly what BuzzFeed is all about. Flashy, catchy, but not very substantial. And that’s not always a bad thing.

6.) Reddit


The controversial site has become something bigger than itself, and their About Us page shows they know it.

7.) Grain and Mortar

grain and mortar

This creative agency says “they do everything”, with their page suggesting just exactly what they do. You’ll see this pattern repeat in other creative agencies.

8.) Column Five Media


Column Five Media simplifies what would normally be a winded explanation with a clean table that tells us what to expect.

9.) Nike


“If you have a body, you are an athlete”. Does it make sense? Not really. Does it sound good? Absolutely.

10.) Facebook


Facebook no longer feels the need to explain what it is, exactly. Their about page is just like any other company’s Facebook About Page.

11.) Mailchimp


MailChimp balances a personal touch with a clear idea of how they help users.

12.) Tim Ferris

Tim Ferris

The author of the Four Hour Work week knows exactly who he’s appealing to.

13.) Apptopia


This Mark Cuban-backed mobile app developer’s page is appropriately optimized for mobile.

14.) Molecube


Molecube lets their portfolio and design do most of the talking.

15.) Twitter


One of the most interesting and useful uses of responsive design we’ve seen.

16.) National Geographic

National Geographic

It would not be National Geographic if it didn’t lead with a video of a lion.

17.) Chattanooga Renaissance Fund

Chattanooga Renaissance Fund

Non-profits need branding too. The Chattanooga Renaissance Fund puts their marketing funds to good use with an About Us page oozing with clarity and finesse.

18.) Yellow Leaf Hammocks

Yellow Leaf Hammocks

“Do good. Relax.” A strong, to-the-point statement for Yellow Leaf Hammocks.

19.) Moz


Moz has moved away from SEO to become something that not even they seem to understand.

20.) Tumblr


Like Facebook, Tumblr’s About US page follows the site’s general style. To be honest, “246.2 Million Blogs | 116.0 Billion posts| 318 Employees” is all that needs to be there.

21.) Bentley


Plenty of fascinating history and milestones from a brand that needs no introduction.

22.) Engzell


Once you get over how calculatedly weird this creative professional’s page is, it offers plenty of interesting ideas.

23.) Joseph Payton

Joe Payton

This guy is proof that gradients and animation do not have to be cheesy and distracting. They really help his page stand out, in a good way.

24.) Forty one twenty


If you need artists who just happen to use video equipment, you know where to go.

25.) Dashing Dish

Dashing Dish

I love this About Me page because it proves that religion-related pages do not have to be badly designed.

26.) Gummisig


This designer’s page also doubles as near proof that he knows exactly what he’s doing.

27.) Five foot six


That explains it.

28.) Less films


“Delightful” seems to be the right word.

29.) Karim Rashid

Karim Rashid

One of the “It” designers of our generation, Karim Rashid’s site is a very clear statement on his design philosophies.

30.) Copyblogger


Copyblogger’s About Us page is fittingly, a blog post about them and their history.

31.) Sajak & Farki


Sajak & Farki’s About Us page is much like other marketing groups, but they employ plenty of subtle details that don’t distract from the main message of what they are about.

32.) Harry’s


I don’t know if there’s any possible way to improve on Harry’s page. The full photo background on websites is starting to feel played out, but this is a definite example of how it should be used.

33.) Legwork Studio


“Pretend you know what it is” perhaps reflects the almost institutional exasperation of creative workers who need to answer to clients who have no clue what they want.  Perhaps Legwork wants to screen its clients at their about us page before they even try to get in touch?

34.) Everlovin’ Press


Even the background hints at a business that deals in designs on good old-fashioned dead tree pulp. Photography for this line of business (and About Us page) is also absolutely crucial, as customers need some idea of what kind of stock they use.

35.) Kitchen Sink Studios


Buzzwords like “a diverse team of industry experts” and “the right tools to tell your story” aside, this About Us page offers insights into Kitchen Sink Studio’s experience, aesthetics,  and capabilities.

36.) Bright Bright Great


An example of website animation done well, and with a purpose. This creative agency’s office kind of looks like the dozens I’ve seen, but their page definitely is a cut above.

37.) Kickpoint


This flat design About Us page from this Canadian marketing firm isn’t any more than it needs to be, but isn’t lacking anything either.

38.) Behance


A site that needs no introduction for most UCreative and YouTheDesigner regulars. Jokes about being stuck in 2006 with all those gradients aside, Behance’s About Us page is as unambiguous as it gets.  Careers at the mercy of bureaucracy indeed.

39.) Superfluent Design

This is a cool, personalized take on “the tale of the tape” in the realm of web and art design. This communicates a diversity of talents and capabilities without using the words “diversity”, “talent”, and “capabilities”, which as a small business writer, I’m kind of burnt out on.

All images are screenshots of the respective pages at the time of writing. Individual visual elements are owned by their respective copyright owners and are not owned by UCreative.

What are your favorite About Us pages? Tell us below!


Arthur Piccio manages YouTheEntrepreneur and has managed content for major players in the online printing industry. He was previously BizSugar's contributor of the week. His work has appeared multiple times on The New York Times' You're the Boss Small Business Blog. He enjoys guitar maintenance and reading up on history and psychology in his spare time.