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How To Market To Millennials – INFOGRAPHIC

by . July 22nd, 2015

For a generation known for being outspoken, it’s hilarious many marketers find millennials to be a complete mystery.

Fortunately, the folks at COS sales and Deborah Shane Toolbox prepped this infographic to make things easy. It won’t replace an open mind, but hopefully, it should get you in the ballpark.

How To Keep Millennial Consumers Happy INFOGRAPHIC




  1. Make products and services useful and affordable

  2. Focus on an integrated customer experience
  3. Build brand loyalty through rewards and product quality
  4. Use social media to engage and get millennials involved
  5. Create more apps to inform, engage, and educate

What you should know

  • “Millennial” has two “l’s” and two “n’s”.
  • Gen Y was the preferred term in reference to the generation that succeeded Gen X, but has fallen into disuse as millennials began to distinguish themselves culturally.
  • The impact of technology affects all generations, not just millennials
  • Thus it could be said that we may often conflate so-called “millennial trends” with outcomes that are just a function of a more connected world — not because a cultural difference in younger generations.
  • There is also seems to be a rising trend of anti-consumerism among some millennials.
  • Going for “millennials” can be a mistake, as the category is way too broad. You are almost always better off targeting a specific niche within any broad category.
  • Geographical and cultural differences also make the idea of “millennial marketing” difficult to implement, despite social media and the superficial appearance of a “smaller world”.
  • If anything, millennials are even more diverse in terms of interest than preceding generations.
  • The same studies cited by the infographic states millennials:
    1. aren’t influenced at all by advertising.
    2. review blogs before making a purchase.
    3. would rather buy a car and lease a house.
    4. value authenticity more than content.
    5. are frugal, even with cash windfalls. 
    6. are brand loyal, likely because they initial choices that are a better fit to their needs.
  • If you think you dislike millennials, chances are you just misunderstand technology.

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