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7 Engaging Charts and Infographics On The Legal Marijuana Business

by . August 15th, 2015

With same sex marriage now recognized at a Federal level, cannabis legalization may be the next major issue the Supreme Court will find itself put under the microscope.

With more and more states legalizing marijuana it seems clear that more Americans now wish an end to the War on Drugs, at least as far as cannabis is concerned. Since Federal laws supersedes state laws thanks to article VI of the Constitution, marijuana is still technically illegal even in states where it is legal at the state level.

Regardless, even where it is completely illegal, fewer law enforcement agencies are making the prosecution of cannabis-related offenses a priority, leading to marijuana-related businesses operating in risky legal twilight zones.

Why take the risks? The risks certainly aren’t what they were even just 10 years ago, and cannabis cultivation is a huge business. How big? Check out the infographics and their sources below.

American sales estimates (2013-2018)

Cannabis Sales Projections



Legality Map for Marijuana


Jobs market

Cannabis Jobs Market


Tax revenue from recreational use

Financial report for Weed



Marijuana Tourism


Cannabis and waste treatment in Seattle

Waste Management and Weed


As investments



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