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9 Must-Have Apps for Entrepreneurs

by . March 13th, 2015

The recent announcement of details surrounding the Apple Watch (the gold one is slated to be in the affordable price of $10,000!) along with the development of wearable tech such as Google Watch, Pebble, and Oculus Rift has sealed the name of our species as Homo mechanicus or mechanical man.

Before we step further into the future, we’re unfortunately stuck with our smartphones and apps. But we’re business people! If there’s one trait that all of us should have, it’s resourcefulness. And smartphone apps are the best resources to meld our entrepreneurial endeavors and on-the-go lifestyle.

Whether you are an Android or iPhone fan, or the occasional Blackberry user, you can’t ignore the fact that apps are essentially extensions of our own body. Here are some essential apps for all entrepreneurs:


Android | iOS

It may be controversial but without a doubt, Uber is one of the most useful apps for budding entrepreneurs.

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You have to make sure that you are punctual in every business meeting and Uber provides a reliable way to travel from one place to another. To hell with waiting for a cab. An Uber ride is just a tap away.


Android | iOS

There are numerous task management apps in the Play Store/App Store today but I would have to recommend Asana.

It’s more than just a to-do list app. It is a team collaboration app where you can assign tasks and deadlines to individuals or teams, as well as set priorities and tags. You can even “heart” a task, equivalent to liking or following.


Android | iOS

You’ll never know when you would need a business file so you need an access to your business folders any time anywhere. Luckily, there’s an app (or apps) for that.

There are plenty of cloud storage apps in the market but Dropbox is the most famous and in my opinion, the most reliable one. Upload your documents, photos, spreadsheets and other business files and you would never worry of losing one. Assuming you sync your gadgets, that is.


Android | iOS

For small business entrepreneurs, Square is a point of sale app that accepts both cash and credit card payments.

Just plug in the provided peripheral (which works in any smartphone device) and swipe the card. The app is free to use but Square charges a small fee for every transaction.


Android | iOS

If there is one email killer in the workplace, it would have to be Slack. Slack is a chat app that could be accessed through your browser or your phone.

With Slack, you can create chat boxes exclusive to the teams you work with as well as a random chatbox where you can show that .gifv of a cat while browsing Reddit.

Google Analytics

Android | iOS

Google Analytics is one of the essential business tool, especially for online shops. Getting it in app form takes it even further.

Now, you can access all of your Google Analytics data anytime in your mobile device with its user-friendly interface and Material design. Thanks Google.

Reddit News


Why? Because it’s the front page of the internet, that’s why.

Don’t miss out on the latest cat videos the internet has to offer right in your smartphone. There are a lot of Reddit apps in the app store today but the one I use is Reddit News that features a sleek material design interface. Depends on your preference really.


Android | iOS

Flipboard is a multiplatform aggregator of news, blog articles, videos, and social media in a magazine format.


If you just got in the office taking a sip of your morning coffee, this might just be the smartphone equivalent of a news magazine. You can customize Flipboard to tailor-fit your interests as well as adding all of your social feeds in a single app.

Game Emulators


You’ve probably played a GameBoy or a PlayStation when you were a kid. Did you know that you can play those games in your smartphones? (Of course, you do!) Apps that emulate the SNES, GameBoy, PSP and other handheld consoles are available in the market. Just don’t ask me where to get the games. Heh.

There are the new mobile apps that you can download but nothing really beats the classics.

Do you have more app suggestions for entrepreneurs? Comment below!


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