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Capcom for Sale

by . June 17th, 2014

BUSINESS NEWS: Earlier, investors of Japanese video game publisher Capcom met and agreed to remove their “takeover defense.”

This makes Capcom open for possible takeover if another company decides to buy enough stocks in it. It is highly probable that we will be seeing this happen as Capcom is a source of nostalgia for many gamers with huge and memorable titles such as Monster Hunter, Resident Evil, Devil May Cry, Street Fighter, and Megaman.

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As both a gamer and a business blogger, this is great news. It is quite possible that Sony, Microsoft, or Nintendo, creators of the Playstation 4, Xbox One, and Wii U respectively, could buy Capcom off. It is also possible for other game publishers such as Square Enix or Entertainment Arts to buy it. Who knows what this will lead up to? It’s anyone’s ball-game.

It seems like the fan-favorite is Nintendo, as it does handle nostalgic characters quite well. Last week’s E3 conference featured upcoming games for franchises that have lasted since the 60s. More interestingly, Capcom’s well-loved mascot, Megaman, is being featured in the new Super Smash Brothers, one of Nintendo’s biggest games. Another huge Capcom franchise, Monster Hunter, has had a reputation for switching from platform to platform, whether it be Sony, Microsoft, or Nintendo, but seems to have settled for the Nintendo WiiU and the Nintendo 3DS.

However, this still isn’t a sure sign of Nintendo’s interest, as it is known for adopting 3rd-party franchises to their own flagship games. Beside Megaman in Smash will be Sega’s Sonic and Namco’s Pacman. Tecmo Koei’s Dynasty Warriors also shows influence in the 2012 game, Pokemon Conquest, and the upcoming game Hyrule Warriors, which is part of the Legend of Zelda line.

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