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Curious Kickstarter: Brand Deck – One That’s Actually Useful for Entrepreneurs!

by . February 2nd, 2015

With 14 days to go, introducing the Brand Deck.

This simple tool, which resembles Cards Against Humanity, helps you flesh out your brand within a few minutes. It’s so simple that it might be quite difficult for me to get this article long enough.

What you get is 50 adjective cards with descriptors on both sides. You categorize these cards using whichever side you want to three piles: what your company is, what your company isn’t, and does not apply. That’s it really.

But imagine the time difference of using this and trying to come up with branding from scratch. Those times that you and your team are left with empty minds and an empty piece of paper.

Instead, you’re given a set list of varied answers for a game of This or That. Is your brand “experimental” or “conventional?” “Simple” or “complex?” By asking yourself this barrage of simple questions, you realize the whys and whats of your brand.

Interestingly, you can’t order just one Brand Deck. You can pledge for 2, 5, 10, or 20. Reason behind this is that it’s meant to be played in a group and simultaneously. After everyone realizes their personal vision of the brand, they talk to each other about the contrasts and come to an agreement. They then decide on the 6 or more attributes which form the core of your brand.

There’s also an NSFW deck that was created with the help of the Cards Against Humanity team, so you have a vague idea of what to expect.

Other pledge rewards include consultations and workshops on branding. And by the way, the guy in charge of this, Scott Thomas, led the design team of the Obama Campaign. So he’s good.