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Deconstructing Successful Logos [Infographic]

by . August 20th, 2015

Why are are some logos better than others?

E-learning site Udemy, using data from marketers from, posted this infographic on Imgur. It gives a fair idea of what makes many logos work. But it probably won’t give you the ingredients to the secret sauce that makes them immortal.



Find the complete study and more specific figures here.

 Things you should know:

  • Never go with a design idea just because it’s popular.
  • One thing about color you should think about when making logos is that you don’t want the design to be too dependent on them. Why? You might eventually need a variant that remains identifiable in black and white or with a one-color printer.
  • A-B testing is one of the more effective ways to test if a logo is better.
  • One interesting point the infographic makes is that mobile device displays have spurred a change in logos to favor flat design. Take the small visual changes Microsoft made with Window 10.
  • Would it make sense to use differing logos depending on the situation? You decide.
  • What is considered “good design” is culture-specific, not just in terms of what country a design is to be used in, but also the zeitgeist and the specific subculture and demographic you plan on targeting.
  • Design by committee leads to safe, agreeable, often forgettable and bland designs.
  • The infographic used a geometric typeface– we suppose to make it seem more “objective” and “clear”.


What other logo tips can you share? Comment below!



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