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Get Facebook Fans Fast with These 5 Tips

by . October 12th, 2014

These tips are really basic, but a lot of people seem to forget about them. Here are five tips on getting Facebook fans fast.

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1. Attach it on your email and forum signatures

A lot of people still don’t do this. You see a name, contact details, and the website. Very few people actually add their fan pages or any other form of social media, unless the business is based on that site. BY adding a link on the signature, you decrease a step which includes finding the link on your website.

2. Make a landing page

Everyone hears the term landing page, but not a lot know what it is or how to make one. When making a Facebook page, you can set which page new visitors will first see. By making a landing page, you can make your first impression more appealing than your wall, which is full of text. Think of it like the home page of your Facebook. Less utilitarian, but lets new people know what they need to know before following you. This includes a call to action, a short introduction, and reasons why they should follow you.

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3. Links to your Facebook on your website

I see this forgotten a number of times. People not placing links to their social media sites on their website. However, now that it’s commonplace, more and more people are doing this. It’s becoming the norm. However, other than your sidebar, you should also remember to link people at the end of each post. After all, if someone was engaged enough to get to the end of their post, they might be interested in what else you have to offer.

4. Buy Facebook ads

This one obviously costs money. So you want to be clear with this one. When making an ad, never resort to the default options they give you. Usually, it includes a block of text they randomly got from your page, and doesn’t make any sense without context. Rewrite the description. Make it short and sweet. Also customize the other settings. Narrow your target market, study your keywords, and apply a bid that you’re comfortable with paying.

5. Guest on other blogs and podcasts and pimp out your social media

This takes more time and effort than the above four. Well, most times. If it’s an interview about a subject you’re comfy with, then that’s not much effort. If it’s one of those impromptu 5-minute podcasts where you could give quick but great advice, that’s not a lot of time or effort either. Plus, it’s great networking. You not only get to find and befriend people into the stuff you do, but you leech off their following as well.