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How to Upgrade Flights from Economy [Infographic]

by . May 26th, 2014

Economy Flights Can Sometimes Be Horrible, and First Is Quite Expensive

I made a post last week about tips for graduates. One of the tips was to go out and travel. Although it’s great advice to start with your own back yard, the idea of going to other countries is great, and actually doing it is even greater.

However being a good entrepreneur means getting the greatest bang for buck. You’d like to get the most out of your trip without actually spending tons of cash. Although car sharing and couch surfing are pretty good ways to dwindle that price tag down, the flight itself can be quite a bother. Just getting the seat at the front of economy will boost your price up just so you could dash in and out and get better leg room.

People getting upgraded to better flights sometimes happens. It doesn’t happen to everyone, but there are ways to get the favor of the airline you’re flying with. Here are a few tips to help you trade that stool and that pack of peanuts for a comfy spacious seat and better food.

Do you have a story or tip on upgrading your flight? Do you have suggestions on what infographics you want to see in the future? Comment below!

photo credits: pmiaki via photopin cc