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10 Keys To a Successful Business Plan [Infographic]

by . July 8th, 2014

There’s no single way to create a business plan. Everyone’s got their own take on how to create one.

Guy Kawasaki’s business plan process is one of the more popular methods, but it’s not the only way to do it right. Regardless of the length, or whether your plan is intended to start a new business, introduce a new product or service, or a shift in strategies, all successful business plans share similar features.

Washington State University’s MBA program created this infographic outlining 10 Keys To a Successful Business Plan. We hope this helps readers. Opposing views and other insights are encouraged in the comment section below!



To sum up:

 1.) Identify the need your business fulfills

 2.) Clearly describe how it fulfills this need

 3.) Recognize how your business is unique

 4.) Name your key stakeholders

 5.) Know the size of your market

 6.) Know who makes up your target market

 7.) Devise ideal promotions strategies

 8.) Break down your revenue streams

 9.) Budget the money you need to get started- and keep going

 10.) Create a plan for getting even

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Not everyone knows we have infographics. Check these out, they’re pretty sweet!


What other Business Plan tips can you share? Comment below!


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