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On Hiring Adults

by . January 29th, 2015


Do you treat your fully grown adult employees as kids?

Do they need to ask permission to do everything? Sadly, you’re not alone. A TON of managers do this and it’s dumb. And possibly, because of your behavior, your employees are making decisions behind your back because they’re obviously needed but there’s just too much red tape.

Remember when your parents babied you even if you got to a certain age? Or maybe they still do it now. Point is you hated it. Made you resent your parents and glorify the day you moved out. That conflicting environment of distrust is what you’re doing to your employees right now.

Banning Facebook doesn’t help either. Facebook went down for a while a few days ago and what did people do? Play the guitar, read online comics, play mobile video games, etc. In fact, people need these things. Working a whole 8 hours straight will get you fatigue. You’ll hate your project sooner or later, and you’ll be out of ideas.

Also it’s inefficcient. You spend so much time and money on CCTVs, talks, brain fizzle, rule books, etc. Things that nobody likes and you just put in for formality’s sake. A project is postponed a month because the IT guys prioritized other things than installing that software needed by someone when that person was more than capable enough to get it from the internet.

Trust your employees better. They’ll like you more, get more stuff done, and maybe tell others how great the job is.