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Your Package Matters [INFOGRAPHIC]

by . December 2nd, 2014

The studies are in. Yeah, we still judge books by their covers. But a lot of it is culturally-specific.

In an ideal world, all things would be judged on their merits. In the real world however, making a better book cover involves hundreds of billions of dollars invested in marketing because no one has the time to objectively judge the merits of every single little item that comes our way.

Even stranger, the way a product is packaged can to most of us at least, be part of its overall merits – whether we admit it or not. And the weird thing is, this perception is partly cultural.

MS Packaging sent us this neat little infographic detailing The Impact of Packaging and how different people react to it.


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  • Americans and people from other Post-Industrial nations seem to be affected by packaging less – but are nonetheless affected by a significant amount.
  • “Packaging” isn’t just limited physical containers for items. It can refer to the entire experience of any product or service prior to and even during and after actual consumption.
  • If you follow that line of thinking, packaging can refer to your physical store, or your business websites and social media pages.
  • It may also extend to how your first-liners – people in your business who interact with customers directly – are perceived.
  • Different markets react to packaging differently. This is an important idea in a dichotomous age of both globalization and localization.
  • This means you simply can’t use the same packaging, store layouts, and website designs for different markets without some careful consideration.
  •  The infographic is vague at points, but it does make a crucial point – appearances matter.

What other Packaging ideas can you share? Comment below!


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