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The Social Network Was Cute, But Off-base. Here’s The Real Mark Zuckerberg. [Infographic]

by . November 8th, 2014

The Social Network was a good movie, but it wasn’t exactly what happened with Facebook.

Mark Zuckerberg has become the poster-child for the young tech billionaire. Below is a literal poster that details how he got started. Credits to Anna Vital and the team at Funders and Founders.


Semi-random Thoughts

  • Few people actually *enjoy* Facebook these days. Kind of like no one seems to really enjoy a cold glass of water. It’s just a fact of life.
  • Facebook won over its competitor not because it was necessarily technically better than them, it was its user-friendliness and savvy understanding of human behavior that helped it dominate.
  • relationship contract,  as unromantic as it sounds, is probably a necessary move when you’re a billionaire.
  • The future Facebook killer may already be out there.
  • Could you even imagine what Facebook would be like if Zuckerberg took MTV’s offer?
  • The fact Zuckerberg speaks fluent Mandarin and is married to someone of Chinese descent. Slightly ironic that Facebook is completely blocked in Mainland China.
  • A lot of us wouldn’t have the stones to turn down all the offers that he was given. I know I wouldn’t.
  • He started young. He was around 10 when he developed his first computer program with his father. If your kids are gifted or show interest in something, take them seriously.
  • One wonders how well he could fence these days.


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