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Team-Building Idea: Donate Blood on Red Cross and Red Crescent Day

by . May 8th, 2014

…Or Whenever Really.

May 8 is International Red Cross and Red Crescent Day!

There are few presents more valuable than the gift of life. While you blood may not exactly be that, it comes pretty close. Blood is constantly in short supply in most of the world, with half of the globe’s supply collected from higher-income nations with just 15% of the world’s population.

If you were looking for an interesting team-building activity or just want to give a little something to those in need, you could do so much worse than a trip to your nearest Red Cross. Readers outside the US can check here.

Using data specific to the US, this infographic contains interesting info on American blood donors and how blood donations generally work.


Why Donate Blood as a Team-building Activity?

  • It’s a simple way of giving back to the community.
  • It won’t take too much time off your day.
  • If you have enough employees, the Red Cross can send a team over to your place to facilitate the donation drive.
  • Employees can have an interesting shared experience.
  • Even if some employees are ineligible to donate, they still get a quick mini-physical exam, for free!
  • The group aspect can make it easier for eligible donors to donate when they otherwise wouldn’t.
  • It can be part of any corporate social responsibility program.

No Team or Company to Build? No problem.

With blood in such high demand, and with the supply so low, every little bit helps. You can easily donate blood by yourself! Just head on over to your nearest Red Cross Center.

Readers outside the US can find their local centers here.


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