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4 Unconventional Business Advice For Entrepreneurs

by . February 14th, 2017

We actually read about common business advice that they are virtually old sayings right now.

But the thing is, sometimes, they don’t really work well when applied in real life. So, here are some unconventional business advice to young entrepreneurs.

1. Don’t offer customization.

Have you ever gone to a restaurant and felt the menu was too long, or stared at a brochure because there was too much information to handle? Remember going to that restaurant again and ordering the same thing without giving the other items a chance?

Truth is people like the idea of choices, but they don’t like choices themselves. That’s why we develop favorite things: to weed out the rest.

Limit options and keep it that way. It makes the whole process easier for both you and the consumer and makes your business focused. Just make sure that you don’t make your consumer feel vulnerable, or you might end up losing them. Make them feel that this is the only choice, because any other choice would be stupid.

2. Forget everything you’ve learned.

When getting into a project, tendency is to make a routine and follow it step by step. However, that makes you quite mechanic, leaving no space for failure. A great tip do doing anything really is to memorize it, then forget it.

Understand what you’re going to do if a customer does a specific action, and then leave the whole process alone. This will give you a good enough understanding of what to do, yet give you enough space to improvise, because every event is unique.

3. Narrow down your metrics

A lot of time is wasted looking at stats when only one or two really matter. Think of a product that you love and list down in your head all the reasons why you love that product. As you go through the list, you’ll notice that everything you wrote down can be grouped into one or two core values.

Whittle down that ginormous list of numbers and charts into key defining questions: How much money is my business getting? How much did my blog’s viewership increase? Sure you can check the nitty gritty details once in a while, but don’t waste time by looking at them every morning.

4. Don’t do what you love

There’s a huge difference between doing what you love and loving what you do. Actually, I am a marketer. I like watching advertising campaigns and analyzing consumer behavior. I was very passionate about marketing. I still am. However, putting it into practice in an actual business setting could be very time consuming. Admittedly, the big campaigns we’ve analyzed during college was not quite comparable, especially with search engine optimization and digital marketing.

Part of my work though is blogging through our company blogs and I’m loving every bit of it. With UCreative, I could write about design. I don’t think I’m quite good at it, but I learn a lot of new stuff that I could apply to my actual work.

What unconventional advice would you like also like to share? Comment below.


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