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Unpopular Opinion: Your Business Being Unknown is GREAT!!

by . January 30th, 2015

You look at your Facebook page. 150 likes. All of whom are friends and family that don’t really care enough to buy your products or services for the given price. Nobody knows you. You’re a piece of dust in an endless galaxy.


And this is great.

Why? Cause you’re like a ninja. Not like one of those companies that adds the word ninja to all its products cause it sounds cool, but an actual ninja. You’re invisible. You can move around, make precise steps, make mistakes, and try again without nobody really caring. It’s a great spot.

Use this time to chase horizons and trip over. Find immense problems. Start from scratch. Because the moment people know you exist, you won’t be as free to mess up.

Bigger businesses can take control as well using select communities. New products are tested in smaller branches all the time. This is to get reviews without too much backlash from social media in case something goes wrong. You know. Unless like… your product ended up killing an orphanage. That always goes bad.

When you’re trying something new and possible opposite of what you’ve been doing, you don’t want the limelight. Unless you’re into that or that’s the point, but mostly you don’t want that. Your credibility and that of your business might crumble if you mess up. It’s a great thing to be brave. It’s also a great thing to be smart. Don’t go out there if you don’t have your pants on yet.

Less people means less effect, and it’s a lot easier to spread out than to compress. Especially when there are people that are already used to using your product. You’ll look disorganized and inconsistent. And even before you Houdini your products, you’re going to have to face the full force of your angry customers.

While you’re not yet out there, make the most of it. Mess up.