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Vanity is an Entrepreneur’s Best Friend

by . February 3rd, 2015

A common problem when starting a business is that when you’re unconfident in your own actions and decision, you tend to stalk what your competitors. It becomes an obsession, and you soon become a horrible copy of something you’re not. You’re that annoying kid in grade school that did everything you did because they had no courage to find their own identity.

You end up overanalyzing.

You count your next steps by the second and it stresses you out. You get no space.

And plus, who are you to know that your competitor will always be as successful as you see them now? Who knows that they’ll be alive tomorrow? Or maybe they’ll turn from an app development company into a clothing retail outlet? Sudden changes which are bound to happen will leave you like a lost puppy on the streets. No fangs. No bravado.

Check yourself first. Be vain. Be arrogant. Make it so that your company is the only thing that matters to its own development. Its something you can control. Something that you have the power to turn into a great wave.

Plus. Focusing on more companies than your own spreads you out. You won’t have focus. You can’t be new. All the things you do have been done. You’re always second place. To both them and what you could become.

Don’t base your business off someone else’s. They end up as your box. Set your own rules. Your own configurations.

And if you’ve read all this and are now saying “Hoogie, what’s so wrong with being like them?” I tell you right now go get a job. Entrepreneurship is a journey for the pioneers. All you’re doing is taking up property space and online handles someone better could be using.


Go out there and make a difference by being you and only you.