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Why We Should Teach Kids Entrepreneurship

by . February 5th, 2016

Being an entrepreneur isn’t as cool as being an artist, a doctor, or a rock star.

But entrepreneurship principles affect everyone, regardless of occupation.

It’s fine to not want to be a career entrepreneur. Not everyone possesses the aptitude, tenacity, or the opportunity to be one. Entrepreneurial principles however, are infinitely useful in a wide variety of situations.

It’s a shame most school systems only give a passing nod to entrepreneurial values — if that. Entrepreneurship is ultimately one of the most useful things anyone  can study. Curiosity, resilience, empathy, optimism — these are just some of the qualities of a successful entrepreneur that has widespread implications in any field — even for employees.

Pumpic, a Tel Aviv-based startup that makes smartphone-monitoring apps for parents came up with this awesome infographic. Makes perfect sense, as Israel has the highest entrepreneurship rates in the world, which is even more remarkable given its tiny population.


Yeah, not everyone can be an entrepreneur. But internalizing even the basics of entrepreneurship at any age can enrich our lives, not only professionally, but personally as well.

Do you agree that we should teach kids entrepreneurship? Comment below!



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