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You Won’t Believe How Little Gets Done in Business Meeting Rooms [Infographic]

by . June 5th, 2014

Most of us probably suspect that most meetings aren’t worthwhile. According to research by PowerSpeaking, Inc —a majority of execs think 2 out of 3 meetings are failures.

Of course, that is assuming all meetings are intended to solve problems or create concrete action items. If your meetings are just meant to communicate ideas, then “failure” might be too harsh an assessment.

In any case, meetings can be a drag. And how.

This infographic by explains the true costs of meetings:

The Ugly Truth About Meetings

by dianagosi –




Does  “multitasking” result in bad meetings – or do bad meetings lead to multitasking? Is multitasking even that bad? It may very well depend on the tasks, as different studies suggest that engaging in tasks such as doodling can help you retain more information and boosts concentration.

What else can I do?

  • Use apps such as Basecamp or Droptask to more efficiently lay out action items and accomplished goals
  • Ban mobile devices from meetings to prevent participants from engaging in unneeded multitasking.
  • Keep as few people as needed in meetings. Larger groups may not be as participatory and increases avenues for distraction.
  • Don’t rely on meetings for decisions. Over-reliance on consensus and meets can slow down organizational agility.
  • Try standing or walking meetings. Not only can these reduce meeting times and subconsciously keep everyone concise, they can serve to (somewhat) increase the amount of exercise everyone gets.


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By Cindy Perman,  – Hate Meetings? Why Most Are Complete Failures


What other productivity and meeting tips can you share? Comment below!


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