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Yet Another Black Friday and Cyber Monday Comparison [INFOGRAPHIC]

by . November 26th, 2014

Whether you need to buy supplies or find a gift for that special someone, it pays to know just how this Black Friday/Cyber Monday thing really works.

Whether you need to figure out when to shop on Black Friday, or which sites are the best to get your Cyber Monday shopping done, look no further than this infographic by Valpak.

How to Shop on Black Friday and Cyber Monday Infographic – Valpak


  • Few people┬áreally want to go elbow-to-elbow with other Black Friday shoppers, if they can avoid it.
  • As online shopping becomes the default way for Americans to purchase goods and services the role of Cyber Monday will continue to expand in the American holiday shopper consciousness.
  • There’re also plenty of data thieves who just live for these spikes in online purchases. Do your due diligence and make sure your anti-malware software is updated.
  • You don’t save money if you buy something you don’t need – regardless of how big the discount is.
  • It remains to be seen if the Impulsive Black Friday Shopper and the Patient and Frugal Cyber Monday Shopper dichotomy is actually real.
  • There’s some ethical opposition to patronizing shops that stay open on Thanksgiving evening, or shortly after – giving workers that much less time to spend with their family. If you are opposed to this, you might want to examine your own buying habits and act accordingly.


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