10 Best Samples of Cinematic Photos from Flickr

by . November 14th, 2014

Do you like watching movies? Do you pay attention to the tones and light they used in a film when you are watching it? Are you somewhat amazed with the cinematic look they used and inspired to try it in your photos?

Most photographers explore this kind of style in their photography because it makes the audience feel that they are viewing a frozen frame of a movie. Each photographer has their own style on shooting and processing their photos to achieve a filmy look on their pictures.

Below are good samples of cinematic photography style from different talented photographers. I added their links so you can explore some of their works.


Maxime Villalonga

Maxime Villalonga Maxime Villalonga 2


Christopher Soukup

Christopher Soukup 2 Christopher Soukup


Andrew Mohrer

Andrew Mohrer Andrew Mohrer 2


Dario Michelotto

Dario Michelotto 2 Dario Michelotto


Shuji Moriwaki

Shuji-Moriwaki Shuji-Moriwaki-2


James Yeung

James Yeung James-Yeung-2


Jozen Sena

Jozen-Sena Jozen-Sena-2


Carl Casequin

Carl-Casequin Carl-Casequin-2


Bogdan Udrea

Bogdan-Udrea Bogdan Udrea


Bmbo Abanmi

Bmbo-Abanmi-2 Bmbo-Abanmi

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Capturing candid scenes are also a good start in making a cinematic style in photos. They also present the drama and the cinematic atmosphere like is something straight out of a film.

If you want to learn how to color grade your photos for cinematic look, here’s a simple tutorial on how to do it. How to do Cinematic Color Grading Using Lightroom.