10 Inspirational Tumblr Photography Blogs to Follow

by . August 21st, 2014

Tumblr has become one of the most popular in social media today. With its sleek designs and cool themes, it has attracted many photographers who wish to share their photos. It’s easy to interact with fellow photographers on Tumblr; all you have to do is follow them and you’ll be updated every time they upload new posts. I wasn’t a fan of Tumblr before, but as I got used to the interface, I found myself hooked on it. I’ve been following talented  photographers around the world. Their works serve as inspiration and motivation for me to continue my passion in photography.

I believe that many professionals and amateurs are also looking for other photographers to look up to. That’s why I’ve made a list of 10 inspirational Tumblr blogs for you to follow.


New York-based photographer Sam Alive is one of the photographers I’ve been following on Tumblr for a very long time. His landscape and portrait photos got me motivated to shoot more. I really like Through the Phone, a photo series where Sam uses his phone to capture awesome landscapes.



Rachel Soh Photography

Rachel Soh is a documentary and lifestyle photographer based in Auckland, NZ. Her Tumblr is a personal blog that compiles special moments in her life and the people that make them happen.


Humans of NY

Humans of New York

Humans of New York by Brandon Stanton is a photo blog that features street portraits and interviews of average New Yorkers. I love this blog because it shares the story of the person being photographed.



At Meal 012

At Meal 012 is a food Tumblr blog that will definitely make you crave for every food that’s featured.



Street Zen

Rinzi Ruiz, a Los Angeles-based freelance photographer, loves to find and capture beautiful moments and emotions on camera wherever he goes.




Found is a curated collection of photography from the National Geographic archives. The blog showcases photographs that reveal cultures and moments from our past.




Dan Marker-Moore, another Los Angeles-based photographer and freelance motion designer, focuses more on capturing aerial landscapes and architecture designs. Most of his photographs highlight the beauty of urban environments.



Japan Camera Hunter

If you’re on the never-ending hunt for film and old-school, analog cameras, then this blog is for you. Follow Bellamy Hunt to satisfy your quench for camera equipment goodies.




PreferredMode manages to incorporate one’s love of cycling and street fashion into one place. Sam Polcer is a magazine editor, writer, and photographer who chases stylist cyclists all over New York for a chance of featuring them on his blog.


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Romain Laurent

He loves making his photos more entertaining by presenting them in a style known as cinemagraph. Still photographs come alive as any repeated movement the subject makes are played on a loop, making the most simple photos even more captivating. Most of the photos are quite funny!


Do you know other amazing Photography blogs on Tumblr that people should follow? Please let us know so we can include them on our next post.