10 Photography Blogs You Should Check and Subscribe to

by . September 28th, 2014

Ever since blogging was introduced during the early 90s, sharing knowledge and experiences to other people has become easy and not to mention very convenient for everyone. This has opened up a lot of opportunities not only for showcasing one’s work but also imparting knowledge to those who would like to learn especially in the case for us enthusiast photographers.

With blogging becoming more prevalent than ever, learning how to take a photograph has become easier most specially when there are thousands and thousands of resources and people who are readily out there to help. Of course with so many sources of information one can be easily lost that is why we are here to help you out. If you are an enthusiast photographer still fumbling behind the camera or a quite experienced shooter who needs some new and fresh places to look at then this list that we made would come in handy.

Without further ado here is the You the Photographer’s 10 Photography Blogs You Should Check and Subscribe to:

1. Eric Kim Street Photography
If you have a flair for street photography, this blog is for you. Helmed by prolific Los Angeles based street photographer Eric Kim. Kim’s blog not only showcases his travels and photos but he also gives out amazing insights useful for all types of photographers.

2. Chase Jarvis
Commercial photographer and videographer, Chase Jarvis not only uses his blog as a platform to showcase his work. His blog features also honest to goodness gear reviews, inspirational posts and not to mention definitely must watch interviews with other photographers who made it big.

3. The Law Tog
If you are an enthusiast photographer thinking of making money from your photography on the side but bothered with all the legal and technical issues then this blog is perfect for you. The Law Tog is the perfect legal resource to get you through any legal maze that comes along the way.

4. Psychology for Photographers
Using her degree in psychology, Jenika tackles topics such as how to get more clients, retaining them, improving your marketing plan and even wellness advice with a dash of psychology. Written in a friendly conversational tone, Jenika’s post are entertaining and really informative.

5. Strobist
If you are fumbling every time you use a speedlight or would like to learn more about lighting then the Strobist has it all for you. From basics to advance as well as DIY solutions, any enthusiast photographer who would like to harness the power of a small flash or who recently purchased one will love this blog.

6. Joe McNally
If you don’t know Joe McNally then it is high time to get out and stop living under a rock. He blogs mostly about his travels and adventures around the world. Apart from his work he also talks about images that inspired him as well. Not only that Joe gives out amazing reads but his hilarious and entertaining way of writing makes reading his blog a pleasure.

7. Photography Blogger
The blog dubs itself as a source of photography inspiration and they don’t fail to deliver. From featuring stunning photographs, amazing photography tips and advice down to talking with inspiring photographers, Photography Blogger is a must add to anyone’s morning reading list.

8. Joerg Colberg
Joerg Colberg is the founder and editor of Conscientious, a website dedicated to contemporary fine-art photography. Diverse and rich with interesting and inspiring articles, Conscientious is not just for those who enjoy contemporary fine-art photography but for anyone who is dedicated and passionate about photography.

9. Dodge & Burn
Dodge & Burn is not your ordinary photography blog. The blog is dedicated to diversity in photography. Their mission is to highlight minorities that are often “dodged” from the art scene and “burned” in art history.

10. Anne Almasy
We first discovered Anne Almasy in Zack Arias’ DEDPXL. In her blog, Anne shares not only her work processes but the amazing stories behind the various people she worked with. Apart from that Anne also shares her thoughts about the wedding industry and what is it like to work as a professional wedding photographer. Some of her essays are even published in Huffington Post.

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