10 Street Photographers you should follow in Flickr

by . October 15th, 2014

We all know that street photography is one of the most exciting and yet challenging genres of photography. What makes it exciting is because you get to capture these snippets of stories from the street. Street photography also enhances your eye and creativity since there are so many things that can be done and incorporated in a shot specially if you are in a busy street. Despite being an exciting genre, street photography also imposes a rather difficult challenge. It is challenging because you have to be inconspicuous to the point that you are like a ninja as to not disturb the people and capture candid shots. Not only that but you need to be fast, decisive and patient. Fast because everything happens in a blur. You put your subject in a frame but you had to do some minor tweaks in your settings and the next thing you’ll know is that your subject has walked away.

You have to be decisive as well because with so many things happening you would have a hard time picking out which is to capture and how. Like Henri Cartier-Bresson, instead of shooting everything he decides to wait and be patient and if there is nothing that happened he moves on.

I really admire these photographers who explore their world and apply it in their images for us to look at. There are lots of talented street photographers out there and right now, I would like to share to you the admiring works of street photographers I found on Flickr.

Zbigniew Osiowy

Zbigniew Osiowy

simon hua Simon Hua

Sagi KortlerSagi Kortler 

Shin-NoguchiShin Noguchi

Jon SiegelJon Siegel

!Røyskatt ロイスカットRøyskatt

Maxim ChechinMaxim Chechin

Dj PoeAndrew Mohrer

Simon GardinerSimon Gardiner


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