100 Beautiful Portraits A Project by Jessica LaForet

by . March 10th, 2015

Taking in a friend’s suggestion of focusing on the one thing that she loves. Jessica LaForet, a photographer based in Toronto initiated 100 Portraits. Her goal was not only just to capture 100 portraits but also to see her progress as she goes from 1 to 100. The series began after she sent her friends a message that she is doing the 100 Portraits and she wanted her friends to be a part of it.

100 Portraits ©Jessica LaForet 100 Portraits ©Jessica LaForet 100 Portraits ©Jessica LaForet

Using a Nikon F2 which was given to Jessica by her father when she started doing photography. Jessica finds that the portraits she shot with a film camera has a truer look than digital. After sharing her work on social media it is then people started taking notice and she started receiving emails from people asking her that they would love to be a part of her series. For Jessica it was more than she hoped for. The series grew to the point that she was taking 5 to 10 portraits a weekend after her 30th portrait.

100 Portraits ©Jessica LaForet 100 Portraits ©Jessica LaForet

Jessica told us that the 100th portrait is the most memorable of the series. The 100th portrait features Matt Barnes who is another photographer in Toronto that she admires and looks up to. Jessica tells us that she was on her last 10 portraits by the time she asked him. Matt happily agreed and coincidentally Matt happened to set up the time for the last person to be photographed.

100 Portraits ©Jessica LaForet 100 Portraits ©Jessica LaForet

Nervousness was the only concern of Jessica but she tells us that when she overcame it, it made the sessions all the more interesting. Some of her favorite portraits are from people she doesn’t know very well and the people she just met.

When asked about her future plans, Jessica told another portrait series idea is in the works and she will be taking on the medium format film for this year.

100 Portraits ©Jessica LaForet 100 Portraits ©Jessica LaForet 100 Portraits ©Jessica LaForet

Don’t forget to check out Jessica’s website to see the rest of the series and her other works as well. You can also follow her on Instagram: jesslafo. What do you folks think about Jessica’s 100 Portraits series? And did our post inspire you? Let us know at the comments below!