11 Photos That Will Make You Fall In Love with Your Kit Lens

by . December 8th, 2014

Kit lens — the default lens that comes out of the box with your standard DSLR camera. Every DSLR owner could claim it to be our first camera lens. On the surface, they’re nothing to scream about; it’s one of the cheapest lens you could buy. I started using mine when I was still new to photography — and until now, I’m proud to say that I still use mine (I’m a Canon user, by the way). It has a focal length of 18-55mm (the EF-S 18-55mm f3.5-5.6 IS II).

The specs may not be that great but as any professional photographer would tell you, photography is more about technique than equipment. It may be hard to use for first timers, but soon—if you master how your kit lens work—you’ll be able to capture awesome images. These pictures may make you rethink about the potential of your kit lens.

Charles Rumahlewang

Charles-Rumahlewang   Karthik Pasupathy karthik-pasupathy   Farhan Ahmed Siddiqui Farhan-Ahmed-Siddiqui    Boback Shahsafdari Boback-Shahsafdari   Cees Van Gastel Cees-Van-Gastel   Oscar von Bonsdorff Oscar-Von-Bonsdorff   Arctic Pugs ArcticPug   Máté Makarész Máté-Makarész   Ilkka Hakamäki Ilkka-Hakamäki   Allan jpn Allan-jpn   Jibbo Jibbo

When in doubt, try to remember what Henri Cartier-Bresson once said: “Your first 10,000 photographs are your worst.” Dig out those kit lens and keep on practicing. Find the joy in shooting with your kit lens!