14 Websites for your Photography Website Inspiration

by . March 7th, 2015

Nowadays, a neat printed portfolio is not enough to showcase your work. It is now also important to have your work uploaded on the internet whether it is on Facebook, Flickr or your own website. This is most especially the case when you are a photographer trying to find work. One of the most common pieces of advice that every person has heard from the pros is that it is important to show your work everywhere. Be it a social media site, a portofolio site (e.g. Behance, Flickr and Dribble) or of course a personal site.

But having a personal website is not just enough. You see, a personal website is the same as a store front. People will often make assumptions just by the looks of it. These assumptions might make or break it regardless of the work you are offering. You’re in luck because today we are going to feature some of best designed websites and a couple of free templates that you can use for your own.

As of the moment the current trends in photography sites are grids and big photos. Grids are perfect if you have a whole lot of images that you would like to show. Doing a grid format is also perfect for those who have a general area of specialization. Case in point is Dean West who shoots a variety of photos with human interest, including simple portraits and intensively-processed ones. Big photos however are perfect for those with very specific niche. One example is Kirsty Mitchell who only shoots dreamy and avant garde portraits. But of course there are no life and death rules, anyone can pick out a grid format or a big photo format to suit their needs and taste.

With that said and done here is our nifty list of websites you ought to check out for your portfolio sites:



Dean West
Mathias Briquemont
Darija Jelincic
Kirsty Mitchell
Ryan Edy
Eric Ryan Anderson
Daisuke Kobayashi
Øyvind Sætre
Tomas Stolz
Inga Powilleit
Nick Ulivieri
Jochem Gugelot
Paul McMillan
Shoot the Living

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