15 Photographers you Should Follow on Instagram

by . July 16th, 2015

We have listed down a variety of photographers on Instagram with different focuses, ranging from fashion, portrait to conceptual photography.

Instagram is an amazing trove of photographic inspiration but it requires a little bit of patience, a lot of scrolling down and avoiding selfies like plague.

From beautiful portraits of people down to scrumptious photographs of food, Instagram is without a doubt a great source of visual inspiration. But with so many people to follow and not to mention useless eye junk one has to sift through, it is pretty daunting and extremely a time wasting effort just to find new inspiration on Instagram.

Paola Kudacki

@ESPN #thebodyissue the longest limbs in the world #brittneygriner #espn #basketball

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  Bex Day

Teresa Freitas

1st ~ numbered egg nonsense

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  Zoey Grossman

Anna Devís Benet

  Ted Emmons

Shot by #tedemmons with @mariyamelnyk @photogenicsla

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Aurelie Cerise

Choose your weapon . #arrangement

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  Romo Jack

Lost and found Barry roshenthal. Morning! #whatmyhandsdoing #

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Carla Richmond Coffing

Richard Thorbird, artist. Topanga Canyon, CA – I am working on a new portrait series about connectivity, and Richard Thorbird was to be my first subject. Three weeks ago, when I met Richard for the first time at his home in Topanga Canyon, I had no idea he would have such a tremendous effect on me. So when I learned about his unfortunate situation, I knew I had to help. His home is in foreclosure. If the bank repossesses it at the end of this month, given that he has no family, he will become homeless and quite literally, lose everything. However in the face of this very real prospect, Richard manages to find optimism and beauty all around. The charm and wisdom of Richard left me feeling humbled, and it’s with gratitude that I was moved to help him save his home. But there is more to Richard. He had a secret that he kept for decades. Less than a year ago, it was discovered that he had a treasure trove of over 100 works of art that he painted during the height of the California pop-art culture in the mid 60s to the late 70s. The re-introduction of Richard to the artworld was the inevitable next step in the effort to save him. Together with a small group of friends and art lovers, we have launched an Indiegogo and Instagram campaign. Please follow @savethorbird for more.

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  Molly Cranna

@kelseybulkin // styled by @ashley_birondo

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Belinda Tellez

A veces me desencuentro conmigo misma | Sometimes I mismatch myself

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  Taylor Peden & Jen Munkvoid

On their way to the grill.

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Michael Christopher Brown

house given to a sugar worker after the revolution #fidel #holguin

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  Dirk Bakker

Daniel Noll

  Brendan van Son

What do you think? Are there anymore photographers who are in Instagram that we need to follow? Do let us know at the comments below!