Adorable Photographs of a Boy and a Rescued Dog

by . October 22nd, 2014

Most people would love to have a photographer in the family — someone who could oversee family photos to make sure that the photographs would not only be good but be great in all aspects.

For LA-based commercial photographer Grace Chon, however, having an adorable son, Jasper, and a sweet dog, Zoey, in her family is the perk. Being a photographer who focuses primarily on photographing dogs and cats, Grace is no stranger to the cuteness of pets. So when she decided to put a baby hat on Zoey, she had an epiphany: that baby hats look extremely adorable on dogs! That’s when Grace and her sister struck an idea — to photograph Zoey and Jasper side by side.

adorable-photographs-zoey-and-jasper-000 adorable-photographs-zoey-and-jasper-001 adorable-photographs-zoey-and-jasper-002 adorable-photographs-zoey-and-jasper-003 adorable-photographs-zoey-and-jasper-004 adorable-photographs-zoey-and-jasper-005 adorable-photographs-zoey-and-jasper-006

When we showed Grace’s photo of Zoey and Jasper around, there was this collective reaction of ‘Awwww, so cute!’ Everyone seemed all warm and fuzzy inside which shows just how immensely adorable Grace’s photographs of Zoey and Jasper are. If you don’t feel it then don’t worry, there are more adorable photos over at Zoey + Jasper. Do not forget to check out Grace Chon’s work as well if you really dig more portraits of pets.

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