Beautiful Creative Portraiture by Aya Cabauatan

by . November 3rd, 2014

Marian Cabauatan, simply known as Aya to friends, hails from Metro Manila, Philippines. Aya is only 15 years old and she took pictures incredibly beautiful. She learned the basics of photography through the help of her dad when she was still young. When she was in high school, she started having photoshoots with her friends. From there, people would ask her to photograph them.  From time to time, people would message her for her rates for parties, portraits, collaborations — sometimes she’d even do commissions.

“I grew in photography through experience, practice, and inspiration from my family, friends, and nature.”


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 “I enjoy photography as a hobby and it helped me see beauty in everything around me.”

Aya enjoys shooting nature. She lights up her subjects using only ambient light. She describes her forte as creative portraiture. Sometimes she would also do some conceptual works — also known in the business as fine arts photography.

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