Get Inspired! 15 Behance Photographers You Need to Follow

by . November 20th, 2014

If you are a creative professional—regardless whether you are a photographer or a graphic designer—chances are, you’re familiar with the online portfolio site named Behance. For those who don’t know what Behance is, it is this huge website that features everything visual arts; from photography, graphic design to illustrations and motion graphics. Not only is Behance a great platform to showcase your work, it is also a great place to find inspiration. That is why in this post we are featuring 9 photographers you should follow on Behance.


1. Navid Baraty behance-photographers-navid-baraty Navid is a Brooklyn-based photographer and has left his career in engineering to follow his dreams of being a photographer. Some of his interesting galleries are the Japan gallery as well as the Intersection Macy’s Day Parade and Blizzard.


2. Paulina Arcklin behance-photographers-paulina-arcklin Paulina is not only just an interior photographer but she also styles and designs the sets she works on. She is also proud to say that her photographs are shot purely with natural light. Her photographs of homes and spaces are inviting and enviable. Better take a look at her work — most especially the Good Genes Store and the Soulful Mallorca Home gallery.


3. Flora Borsi behance-photographers-flora-borsi You might recognize Flora Borsi’s work, Photoshop in Real Life, which was featured on our sister blog, YouTheDesigner. Flora’s work is mostly comprised of surreal art photography. We love her Coffee Universe work as well her entry for the Bully Project Mural: Into Ashes.


4. Nicoline Patricia Malina behance-photographers-nicoline-patricia-malina-2 Nicoline Patricia Malina has a ton of accolades under her belt. She has not only did some photography work for a handful fashion magazines such as Harper’s Bazaar, Elle, and Esquire, she was also featured on Asia’s Next Top Model as one of the guest photographers. A Journey Of Inseparable Love and Lust for Love are our favorites on her portfolio.


5. Mathieu Young behance-photographers-mathieu-young Los Angeles-based photographer Mathieu Young is a commercial and reportage photographer whose works has appeared on Dreamworks, Fox, The CW, Warner Bros. and CNN. He also covered the Burning Man 2012 as well as the Sundance 2012. Our favorites are his coverage of Comic-con for CNN, Cambodia by Moonlight, and Walkabout


6. Peng Yangjun behance-photographers-peng-yangjun Quirky, offbeat, and sometimes serious best describes Peng Yangjun’s work. Yangjun’s photographs has this sense of fine art photography mixed with a touch of graphic design feel into it. You might have seen some of his work such as the Facekini, Colors Beijing 3, and China in some publications.


7. Tejal Patni behance-photographers-tejal-patni We are first learned about Tejal Patni after seeing his Splash Calendar work and we have been following him since. Most of the time, Patni mixes surreal and fashion to create fantastic images. Aside from the Splash Calender series (2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014) we did love his GQ gallery.


8. Jerome Berbigier behance-photographers-jerome-berbigier Sydney based photographer Jerome Berbigier is the perfect example of quality against quantity. His landscape photographs are just great to look at. We really dig his Iceland and Australian Coast II galleries.


9. Giovanna Griffo behance-photographers-giovanna-grriffo Not only Giovanna is a fine art photographer. She is also an Adobe Photoshop instructor and founder/editor of a photo community. From landscapes to still life images, Giovanna’s portfolio shows that she flexible and diverse with her work. Her Ipad Lightpainting and Guggenheim Visions galleries are amazing to look at but that is only just the tip of the iceberg.


10. Osborne Macharia behance-photographers-osborne-macharia If you are a self-taught photographer and having serious doubts about your work right now, then you better take a good long look at Kenya-based photographer Osborne Macharia. His shoot for Fierce Magazine and the Madigaga gallery are our favorites.


11. Caleb & Gladys behance-photographers-caleb-and-gladys If you are into surreal and dramatic imagery, then Caleb & Gladys are your go-to place. The duo are based in New York and has been published for numerous international magazines like Vogue , Papercut and Harper’s Bazaar. The duo also won 1st place in the International Photography Award 2013 for the Professional Advertising in Fashion. They have tons of amazing work to look at but our top favorites are: The Maiden’s Fall and More than a Flower Girl.


12. Sasha Goldberger behance-photographers-sasha-goldberger Just like Flora Borsi, Sasha Goldberger’s works has been featured in various photography and visual arts websites. His most recent creation: Super flemish has gone viral as of this writing not only that but he is also the man behind Super Mamika. His other notable galleries are the Invisible Wife and Pourim with the Loubavitch of the 770.


13. Barbaros Kayan behance-photographers-barbaros-kayan Barbaros Kayan is a photojournalist based in Turkey his photographs of Occupy Taksim has garnered him a handful of awards. Kayan’s photographs often feature areas of conflict as well as portraits of living conditions in such areas. His Occupy Kiev/Death and Dead or Alive: Crossing the Border is not only riveting but it also shows Kayan’s prowess in doing reportage.


14. Magnus Cramer behance-photographers-magnus-cramer Swedish are known for their graphic design and creating that crisp timeless look which comes to no suprise when you see Magnus Cramer’s work. Cramer is mostly involved in shooting commercial work for various companies like Volvo and Swarovksi.  We are in complete awe with his Whisky work and Bonnier Pockets wherein he collaborated with fellow Swedish artist deli Sundqvist who created the paper crafts.


15. Rey Mangouta behance-photographers-rey-mangouta Another self taught photographer who does really wonderful work. Rey Mangouta is based in Pretoria, South Africa. Rey started on photography in 2011 but looking through his images it feels as if he has done it for a long time. We love the World War gallery most specially the behind the scenes look as well as his Personal Creations gallery.