Gluta — The Dog That Smiles Bigger Than the Whole World

by . January 19th, 2015

This dog will definitely make those long, tiring days much, much better. She is definitely the happiest dog in the world! Before everything else, Gluta was found on the streets of Thailand, adopted by Sorasart Wisetsin, and took care of her since then. But for Gluta, their journey was not that easy. Gluta was diagnosed with cervical cancer and she needed treatment like chemotherapy and surgical laser for the removal of the tumor. After one year and a half, Gluta felt better and gave her a glowing and cheerful aura. Sorasart Wisetsin wants to encourage every human being in this world to do the same thing: give love, care, and home to other dogs like his new canine pal.


gluta dog 1 gluta dog 2 gluta dog 3 gluta dog 4 gluta dog 5 gluta dog 6 gluta dog 7

gluta dog 8

gluta dog 9

gluta dog 10

gluta dog gif

You can check their Tumblr and Facebook to follow Sorasart and Gluta’s adventures and spread the good meaning of their journey.