Have you tried Adobe’s Dehaze Feature?

by . July 23rd, 2015

A few weeks ago, Adobe released a new function in its Creative Cloud called “Dehaze”

According to Adobe “The Dehaze tool helps you easily reduce or remove haze, common in many outdoor photos like landscapes.”

Most Adobe users use the Clarity or Contrast slider to remove the haze from their photographs.

The Dehaze slider does more. Creative Suite Design Evangelist Terry White gave a presentation of the tool and contrasted (ha!) it against the other common workarounds used by photographers and photo editors.

Using Contrast, White said “The blacks get blacker but the haze is still there.” The Dehaze tool however significantly decreases the haze and brings out the color of the actual subject.

Aside from removing haze, the Dehaze tool can also add haze to your photographs for dramatic effect.

But how does it do against a blizzard?

Hobbyist photographer Bimal Ramdoyal from Mauritius put the Dehaze tool to the test in his website, Manual Mode.

In his blog post, Bimal used his snowy photographs from a recent Iceland trip.

“We traversed a few blizzards and I took some images to see what I could recover from them and recently Adobe announced a Dehaze tool and I wanted to know how well it could recover image data from a blizzard, which would be a more extreme version of haze.”

The results were quite impressive.



Using only the Dehaze tool set to +90 with no other adjustments, Bimal restored a significant amount of color and clarity from his otherwise misty photographs.



Considering how the RAW images looked like, that’s nothing short of amazing. Kudos to the programmers working in Adobe HQ for his great tool.

Bimal’s raw images can be downloaded in his blog post for you to test.

You can contact Bimal Ramdoyal through his email address photo@manualmode.ca. Check out his website Manual Mode and his Facebook page.

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