Hello Polarr 2.0: Polarr Gets Updated and It is Awesome

by . February 18th, 2015

You might remember Polarr from an article here at You the Photographer some months ago.. Polarr took the world by storm when it was first launched with its amazing interface and usability. I for one was extremely amazed with it and has been using it consistently. Just recently they announced Version 2.0 of the acclaimed web app was in the alpha testing stage. Version 2.0 is a testament to Polarr’s commitment to providing a great service by adding in the most requested features sent in by the community.


Polarr 2.0a can now fully support various types of RAW formats from various camera makers. Anyone can now edit RAW files whether they are using Sony, Canon, Nikon, Pentax, Fujifilm, Panasonic and Olympus. Simply, drag and drop the file in the editor and start working on the image.


Apart from the wider RAW editing support, It also has the new Persistent Editing History feature. This feature allows you to close the browser tab, reopen it and resume on editing the image that you are working on without losing the progress made. All the changes made are remembered and can be undone anytime during post-processing.

On top of the additional new features, Polarr 2.0a sports a sleeker look. The interface is much more efficient now that the tools and sliders are contained in collapsible panels. The zooming, exporting and cropping tools have received significant improvement.


As of this writing, anyone can use Polar 2.0a without signing up for an account. According to their official blog, Polarr will still have more features coming in and we have to wait for their announcement.

What do you folks think? Have you tried out the Polarr 2.0a? Why or why not? Did our post help? Tell us at the comments below! What image editing functionality would you like to add?