Human-Like Dog Portraits by Ralph Hargarten

by . December 2nd, 2014

Hamburg, Germany-based photographer Ralph Hargarten creates images — be it portrait, landscape, or aerials. He has decided, however, to take on a more challenging task: taking photos of dogs with human-like features.

Ralph studied economics as well as computer programming and was working in the advertising industry for more than 16 years before deciding  to go back to his passion — photography. He underwent an internship program and worked with a still-life photographer. Before long, he understood the basics of photography and was doing portraits on his own. It was only a matter of time before Ralph craved for his next big challenge, doing dog portraits. As Ralph explains…

“Most dogs have human names, so why not shoot them like humans? In my pictures, I tried to catch different expression as I would do with people as well.”

Ralph Hargarten Ralph Hargarten2 Ralph Hargarten3 Ralph Hargarten4 Ralph Hargarten5 Ralph Hargarten6 Ralph Hargarten7 Ralph Hargarten8 Ralph Hargarten9 Ralph Hargarten10 Ralph Hargarten11 Ralph Hargarten12 Ralph Hargarten13 Ralph Hargarten14 Ralph Hargarten15 Ralph Hargarten16 Ralph Hargarten17 Ralph Hargarten18 Ralph Hargarten19 Ralph Hargarten20 Ralph Hargarten21 Ralph Hargarten22 Ralph Hargarten23 Ralph Hargarten24

“Wherever I visit–even on vacation–my camera is my constant companion.”

Over the years, Ralph Hargarten have worked for clients all over the world. He has shot in the photographic capitals of New York, London, Paris, Berlin, and Milan and also on location in Germany, USA, Australia, China, Brasil, England, France, Spain, Poland, the Czech Republic, Switzerland, Austria, Bali, and in the country to which his heart belongs to, South Africa. If you want to see more of Ralph Hargarten’s photos, you can visit his website or follow him on Facebook.